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Shim & Nut Holder

By: Erich Lage
Changing out your Dado Blade is a lot easier to do with this custom tray close at Hand.

d1 In a recent Woodsmith Tips email, I saw a tip to use a plywood platform to hold all the parts of a dado blade when you’re changing blades. The problem I had, however, was keeping track of the shims, along with the nut and flange washer from my table saw. That’s when I added the modifications you see above. d3 A spot for everything. The concept is similar to the original tip. However, I made the plywood base slightly wider. Then, I installed two dowels into the base. d5 One dowel is to hold the dado shims, and the other dowel is for the flange washer from my table saw. d7 I also added a rare-earth magnet into the base. This gives me a place to set the nut from the table saw arbor. Now, everything is right at hand when I’m changing my saw blade, and I’m no longer fishing for the shims I need or chasing a lost nut inside the saw.

Published: Dec. 21, 2022
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